Services & Skills


With our operational flexibility and unique skill sets, our services are not just limited to defined offerings.  We like to summarise our capabilities within the following categories:

Asset Protection


The installation of a fire system might be driven by internal or external factors.  We are experienced in aspects such as design, inspection, commissioning and certification of fire systems.


  • Design reviews, commissioning reports and certification of fire systems.

  • Hydraulic calculations of fire systems

  • Fire pump and system testing

  • Preparation of Baseline Data reports per AS 1851-2012

  • The application of Australian Standards as well as NFPA and FM Global Fire Codes.


All too often we are asked to "look over" existing fire systems. Many of  these systems have been installed and self-certified.  In our opinion  a majority of the "problems" we see in these systems could have been avoided at the time of construction. The proper installation of a new fire system should be followed by a comprehensive third party test, commission and maintenance program.   


Fire Engineering


Most Fire Engineering work falls within a definition of statutory services. A Fire Engineer must be appropriately licenced for the technical area they serve. 


  • Fire Safety Engineering

  • Expert Witness Services

  • FDS modelling

  • Assistance with documenting your site specific, Essential Safety Measures for fire systems.

  • Issue Certificate of Design Compliance and Commissioning

  • Annual Storage Height Inspection reports

  • Alternate Fire Safety Solutions


Our Fire Engineering services can be integrated with our Asset Protection and Risk Management services.



Risk Management


As a qualified Risk Management professional, we are constantly considering our client's risk options, benefits and exposures.  While we bring to the table considerable expertise in the protection of physical assets, we draw from over 25 years experience as a risk management professional where we have collabratively worked with similar consultants from Environmental, OH&S, Business Risk, Insurance, etc. fields. 


  • Advice on meeting not only your statuory requirements but also Insurer "best practice".

  • Risk Engineering

  • Client Risk Assessments

  • Catastrophic Loss Estimate Reports

  • "Site Hardening" Assessments as part of Business Contunity Plans

  • Site Underwriting Reports for a company's Captive Insurance program, ISR Insurers and/or Broker.


Risk management services are often incorporated into insurance programs or used as part of an organisation's Business Contunity Plan.