DelFire is an organisation ready and able to provide tailored solutions to your asset protection needs. DelFire provides specialist advice on the assessment of physical risks as well as assistance in implementing optimal solutions. DelFire's core competencies lay in the field of fire systems and safety as well as insurable risks. 


DelFire is an Australian company established in 2006 and built on over 25 years of experience. It is trusted by many for the delivery of quality advice to corporations, general insurance industry, the construction sector, property management organisations, legal professionals as well as manufacturing and mining companies. 


DelFire's commitment to service includes:


  • DelFire is flexible, nimble and dynamic in the delivery of our services.  We have a "can do" attitude to projects we commit to.


  • The right technical skills, training and qualifications to provide you with the best advice.


  • We are not installers or providers of fire systems although as we have done many times, we can provide third party oversight and/or witness commissioning tests on behalf of project teams/clients/regulators.


  • DelFire maintains consistent and high-quality levels of professional insurances for the breadth of projects undertaken.


When necessary, DelFire can draw upon the expertise of high quality associates (in environmental, OH&S, etc.) as well as other risk engineering professionals to fulfill the scope of projects. This is always done under a transparent umbrella of a common client-DelFire relationship to ensure that project objectives and requirements are met and delivered on time. 

Examples of Services
  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Integrity Testing of Fire Systems

  • Third Party commissioning tests

  • Expert Witness services

  • Underwriting Assessments

  • Etc.