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Fire Deaths in Austrian Alpine non-powered cable train 

​November 2000

On 11th November 2000, near the Austrian town of Kapruna, fire occurred in a pulley operated Alpine train as it was ascending through a mountain tunnel to the Kitzsteinhorn skifields.  The resulting fire, rapidly consumed the fully loaded train as it was passing through the tunnel, resulting in the death of 155 people within 9 minutes.  Following the fire, the train system was never reopened.  The Youtube video link below on this human disaster "Fire on the ski slope" is 43:21 minutes (142 MB).  


From this huge human tragedy, the subsequent government investigation highlighted a number of critical aspects.  These included the ineffective change management process during an earlier train refurbishment which introduced the ignition point.  The investigation also outlined the outdated safety requirements, the lack of fire systems within the train, the failure to provide emergency exits from the train or provide any internal communication system for the passengers to driver as well as the lethal fire effects within a confined space like a tunnel.  Certainly these very important aspects could also apply to many other settings.